Vilnius Ghost tour


10 EUR/person

Thursdays and Saturdays at 7 PM (5 PM from November)

2 hours


Our office (Gaono st. 1)


  • Find out what painting in Vilnius wants to kill you
  • Learn when it is appropriate to eat your neighbour
  • Visit Vilnius Satan house and the Kingdom of death
  • Explore the Old town in the dark
Fully booked


There is no question that Vilnius has a charming old town with its cozy narrow streets, magnificent Baroque churches and breath taking panoramas. However, throughout its history those romantic corners have also witnessed cold blooded murderers, ghosts, and even Satan, prince of hell, himself. Behind closed doors and below lavishly decorated Church domes, horrific and bloody secrets are hidden from unsuspecting passerby... 

While everyone is relaxing in the bars after a long week, join the ghost tour and explore those dark secrets. Together with our black humoured guide you will visit Vilnius Satan House and Kingdom of death. You will find out which painting wants to kill you and why Lithuanians are afraid to make eye contact. Moreover, you will learn the the etiquette of eating your neighbour and dealing with an annoying boss! But do not be scared. If we say you are safe, do not ask questions. 

After the tour you might want to call your mother or find the closest bar…

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