Vilnius Private Tour


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Available languages English, Russian, Spanish

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  • Enjoy the company of our professional local guide and get his/her full attention
  • Personalise your experience by designing Vilnius tour according to your wishes and interests
  • Get insider tips for the rest of your stay
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Vilnius in Details

NB! All our tours are cancelled due to quarantine in Lithuania to prevent spreading of COVID-19 from 16th of March until 30th of March. Please follow the news! Thank you for understanding!

Every person is different and every traveller needs a different individualised tour! Our team of local guides would be very happy to offer you tailor-made tours, routes and programmes in Vilnius, Lithuania.

We use all our creativity by combining best topics of traditional walking and themed tours to make a perfect mix of Lithuanian history, culture, food, fun... We can guide you on foot, e-scooters, bikes, cars, public transport… even sky is not the limit. Maybe you want to see the Old Town of Vilnius during a hot air balloon ride or explore Trakai and see its island castle via plane?

Let us know what you are looking for, tell us a bit more about yourself or a group you are travelling with (for example, what’s your purpose of travelling? Do you have any special interests? What’s your group’s age range? Where do you come from? Would you like the tour to include food sampling/lunch? Anything else you would like to tell us that could help us to personalise your experience?) and we will send you an offer with our proposal on how to make the most of your time in Vilnius.

Whether you are a solo traveller, a bigger team of colleagues/friends or family members, we have something special for everyone! You can take a look at our scheduled excursions and maybe you will find some ideas how you would like to spend your day, what objects you are willing to see, what topics are you interested in and what activities you prefer to participate while visiting Vilnius. Also, we can arrange day trips from Vilnius to its surroundings and other Lithuania's cities, towns and villages.  

Please drop us an email at or fill in the booking form at the calendar and we will send you the offer of a private personalised tour in Vilnius ASAP.


Please note that by booking this tour you consent to share your personal data to receive TripAdvisor or Google review solicitation email. We promise not to spam you and just to send your one email after the date you booked the tour :)

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