Day tour to Trakai & Kernave


49 EUR/person

6 hours


Everyday (only private tours are available)

Vilnius Town Hall (Didzioji st. 31). Hotel pick-up optional


  • See the only castle in Eastern Europe surrounded by water
  • Find out why the Soviet government allowed the rebuild of Trakai castle which was a symbol of the glorious Lithuanian past
  • Taste kibinai - traditional pasties from Trakai
  • Learn about the Karaites and Tatar communities
  • Enjoy the beautiful sights!
Fully booked


Let's take one day trip from Vilnius to former capitals of Lithuania - Trakai and Kernavė. Join our small group tour to discover historically significant location with a local guide and enjoy the views of the Lithuanian nature.

Lithuania’s first capital Kernavė is now a small town. But don’t be fooled by its size! You will visit Kernavė Archaeological Site and observe beautiful sights wherever you turn. Cultural reserve of Kernavė is a protected territory and in 2004 it was included into the list of UNESCO world heritage sites. Today Kernavė is among the most popular tourist attractions in Lithuania and we invite you take a tour from Vilnius to this archeological site as well as another historical town.

If there’s something we Lithuanians are proud of, it’s our long, rich history. Even though we are small now, there was a time when Lithuania was the largest country in Europe. And the rulers of that country resided resided in…Trakai. Once in Trakai you will find out why the Soviet government allowed the Trakai Castle – a symbol of Lithuania’s glorious past – to be rebuilt, learn more about the Karaites and Tatars, discover why Karaite houses must have 3 windows facing the street, taste kibinai, and float around the castle on a pedal boat while enjoying the beautiful landscapes.

Both Trakai and Kernavė remind glorious past of Lithuania but this tour is not only for history lovers, it is a lot about the beauty of Lithuania's nature and enjoying time outside the busy city. Join Kernavė and Trakai tour from Vilnius and feel the ancient calmness and majesty. All you have to do is to choose a day for your trip and book it in advance, then our local guides will take care of everything needed for a pleasant excursion.

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