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PRICE: 10 EUR/person

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WHEN: Tuesday, Friday and Sunday 

Private tours are available all year round

MEETING POINT: Vilnius Town Hall (Didzioji st. 31)
DURATION: 2-2.5 Hours


NB! Unfortunately entrance to the synagogue is unavailable temporarily!

Vilnius’ streets were full of little shops with Yiddish & Polish names, more than a hundred synagogues and houses of worship, thousands of Jews wandering around the narrow streets of their beloved city and a rivalry between Jewish & Catholic merchants and craftsmen. These are just some of the things you would not see today, but were a big part of Vilnius, or Wilno, or Vilna…

During three years of the WWII the small but rich world of the Lithuanian Jewish community was destroyed. The horrors of the war followed by ignorance of Soviet authorities changed the face of Vilnius Old Town.

We invite you to go back in time and remember the Jewish world that existed. Wander around the streets bearing traces of the community that earned Vilnius the name “Jerusalem of Lithuania”. Get acquainted with a typical Litvak – a Lithuanian Jew who was known for love of learning as well as some famous personalities like a Jewish doctor whom children adored , Jewish genius who could only sleep for two hours a day and a Litvak – a stubborn Lithuanian Jew who preferred studying more than socializing. Visit the only synagogue in use today from many that existed. Learn more about the time that had such a disastrous consequences to Vilnius Jewish community while visiting former Jewish ghettos and learning about the fate of community.


  • Walk along the streets of former Jewish quarter
  • Explore the areas of Jewish ghettos during World War II
  • Get acquainted with 'litvaks' - Lithuanian Jews
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