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What to do on a rainy day in Vilnius?

October 9, 2018
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Welcome to Lithuania, the country of rain. Even the name Lithuania (Lietuva) comes from word “rain” (lietus). Most likely it will be rainy here during your stay in Vilnius or anywhere else in Lithuania. My first suggestion would be to take our tours, because rain or shine, we are waiting for you every day. But if you can’t stand rainy weather, this is what you can do here: 


Visit museums for history and culture lessons without getting wet! There are a lot of them and they are really cheap. Prices vary from 2 EUR to 10 EUR. But if you are student, bring your ISIC card because it gives you 50 % discount for entrance in almost all museums! You can also consider getting Vilnius Pass card if you want to visit a lot of museums and save some money. They have pretty good deals that you can check here. Hey, but keep in mind that most museums are closed on Mondays. Check the list of museums here.

Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights

Malls (cinema, ice skating and ect.)

In Lithuania big malls are also centres of entertainment so it’s cool place to have fun and stay dry. The biggest mall in Vilnius is called Akropolis, just like ancient citadel in Athens. There you can find many shops, restaurants, bowling, cinema (most movies in English) and even ice skating rink! One session of 45 min costs about 4 Eur. Akropolis is easy to reach by public transport, just catch a bus No. 53 in the city centre and get off at “Šeškinės kalvos“.

Meeting locals

Best way to meet locals is to come to our tours. If you already did that, but you want to make more local friends, there is another way. Don‘t worry, I’m not talking about dating apps. I’m talking about couchsurfing. You can find people who have same interests as you and invite them to meet up. If you are too shy to contact someone personally, there is even better option. Every Friday couchsurfing community in Vilnius organises meetings and every time they happen in different places.

Indoor activities

If you have company of good friends, there are some interesting activities in Vilnius like escape rooms, airsoft, paintball and so on. Also here is aqua park where you can feel like in tropical island even on rainy day.


Theatre, concerts

For people who likes cultural activities I would suggest visiting theatre or concerts. There are few theatres in Vilnius: National opera and ballet theatre, National drama theatre, Vilnius „Lėlė“ theatre (doll theatre), Youth theatre, Russian drama theatre and some smaller ones. Also you can visit concerts in places like National philharmonic society, church of St. Catherine and etc. Just check information about events and shows online. Here is a great website where you can find all the events in Vilnius in one place!

Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre

Now it’s up to you what to choose from all mentioned options. Anyway, my best suggestion would be to have an umbrella, waterproof shoes and good mood. With these things weather doesn‘t affect you so you can enjoy your trip every day.

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