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Vilnius Free tour recommends: Best Brunch in Vilnius

November 19, 2019
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You wake up late on Saturday morning and feel like instead of walking tour you really want that Mimosa instead? And eggs Benedict too? Or maybe something more traditional Lithuanian? We got you covered with the best place for brunch in Vilnius.

1. Panama Food Garden

This place in the district of Žvėrynas is lovely by all means – old blue wooden house with a greenhouse has an amazing bohemian atmosphere – you can sip Mimosas under the old trees in the garden or get yourself cozy next to the fireplace inside. You must try their specialty – sweet potato waffles, they are the best.  They also have vegetable pancakes and green cocktails (kale, spinach, you name it) for those, who prefer healthier options.

2. DLYPSN (Daily Poison)

Hey, Instagram lovers, you gotta visit this esthetically perfect place. Visually appealing, super trendy brunch place is a little further away from the Old Town, but definitely worth visiting while in Vilnius. Chia puddings, avocado toasts, and the croissants! They have plenty of vegetarian and vegan options and in general their focus is on healthy food. Oh, and did we mention quality coffee? Go for it and make sure you take a lot of pictures!

3. Cafe Montmartre

Cafe Montmartre is a traditional French café in the heart of the Old Town. If it’s not too cold, in summer you can sit outside sipping on your orange juice (or Mimosa of course), watch the people pass by and soak in the atmosphere of the old streets of Vilnius. The croissants are always fresh and taste heavenly and eggs Benedict are amazing too!

4. Cozy

A legendary Cozy is always the good choice. Simple an easy, completely unpretentious place is a brunch heaven – you will find all the brunch regulars – from various omelettes, eggs Benedict to English breakfast aaaaand Varškėčiai! Never heard of it? Wondering what’s that? Here is an answer – it’s heaven in your mouth! It’s fried cottage cheese pancakes, they are sweet and has a hint of vanilla in it. It is usually served with sour cream, jam or honey. It’s simple and it’s great! It’s what every kid loves to eat in Lithuania.

5. Kablys (Saules Jegaine)

Kablys is first of all known for it’s underground culture and techno parties, but when the night ends and party goers get some sleep, they wake up and head back to Kablys again for boozy brunch. The DJ’s are playing chill electronic music, Mimosas and Aperol Spritz are on every table and the menu is a mixture of everything from burgers to Budha bowls. Very laid back and urban atmosphere makes Kablys one of the most hip place for brunch in Vilnius.


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